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Granaroma User Manual
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GranaromaUser Manual

Removing and inserting the brew group

Go to for detailed video instructions on how to remove, insert and clean the brew group.

Removing the brew group from the machine

1 Switch off the machine.
user manual
2 Remove the water tank and open the service door.
user manual
user manual
3 Press the PUSH handle and pull at the grip of the brew group to remove it from the machine.
user manual When you remove the brew group from the machine, make sure to empty the drip tray and the coffee grounds container.

Reinserting the brew group

user manual Before you slide the brew group back into the machine, make sure it is in the correct position.
user manual
1 Check if the brew group is in the correct position. The arrow on the yellow cylinder on the side of the brew group has to be aligned with the black arrow and N.
user manual
- If they are not aligned, push down the lever until it is in contact with the base of the brew group.
user manual
user manual
2 Slide the brew group back into the machine along the guiding rails on the sides until it locks into position with a click. Do not press the PUSH button.
3 Close the service door and place back the water tank.

Machine overview