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Granaroma User Manual
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GranaromaUser Manual

Machine overview

user manual
A1 Control panel
A2 Lid of pre-ground coffee compartment
A3 Lid of bean hopper
A4 Socket for cord
A5 Drip tray
A6 Drip tray release grip
A7 Adjustable coffee and milk dispensing spout
A8 HygieSteam container
A9 HygieSteam cover with milk tube holder
A10 Internal cappuccinatore
A11 Mains cord with plug
A12 Grind setting knob
A13 Bean hopper
A14 Brew group
A15 Service door
A16 Water tank
A17 Coffee grounds container
A18 Front panel of coffee grounds container
A19 Drip tray cover
A20 'Drip tray full' indicator


A21 Milk container
A22 Milk tube
A23 Cleaning brush
A24 Grease tube
A25 AquaClean filter
A26 Measuring spoon
A27 Water hardness test strip

Machine overview