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Discover a world of coffee variety, instantly crafted at the touch of a button. Offering a choice of up to eighteen premium coffees, precisely brewed to your individual taste, Granaroma series machines offer a perfectly tailored experience, for every coffee lover.
GranAroma Series

Rispetto per il caffè

When Sergio and Arthur founded their pioneering coffee machine company it was to allow anyone to brew a superior cup of coffee at home, at the touch of a button. Combining Italian design heritage and passion for coffee with thoughtful use of technology, our machines continue to deliver uncompromising quality for the coffee lover who demands excellence. Saeco. Rispetto per il caffè.

Seaco coffee machine
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Accessories & Care

Accessories & Care

Saeco machines are carefully assembled in our Italian workshop using only the finest components and are designed to automatically clean and maintain themselves. Learn about caring for your new machine and the range of available authorised accessories here.

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