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Granaroma User Manual
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GranaromaUser Manual

Adjusting machine settings

Setting the water hardness

user manual We advise you to adjust the water hardness setting to the water hardness level in your region for optimal performance and a longer lifetime of the machine. This also prevents you from having to descale the machine too often. The default water hardness setting is 4: hard water.
Use the water hardness test strip supplied in the box to determine the water hardness in your region:
user manual
1 Immerse the water hardness test strip in tap water or hold it under the tap for 1 second.
user manual
2 Wait 1 minute. The number of squares on the test strip that turn red indicate the water hardness.
Set the machine to the correct water hardness:
1 Tap the Settings user manual icon and use the up and down arrows to select 'Water hardness'. Then press the OK icon to confirm.
user manual
2 Use the up and down arrows to select the water hardness level. The number of red squares selected on the display should be the same as the number of red squares on the test strip.
3 When you have set the correct water hardness, tap the OK icon to confirm.

Adjusting the grind setting

You can change the coffee strength with the grind setting knob inside the bean container. The lower the grind setting, the finer the coffee beans are ground and the stronger the coffee becomes. There are 12 different grind settings you can choose from.
The machine has been set up to get the best taste out of your coffee beans. Therefore we advise you not to adjust the grind setting until you have brewed 100-150 cups (approx. 1 month of use).
user manual You can only adjust the grind setting when the machine is grinding coffee beans. You need to brew 2 to 3 drinks before you can taste the full difference.
user manual Do not turn the grind setting knob more than one notch at a time to prevent damage to the grinder.
1 Place a cup under the coffee dispensing spout.
user manual
2 Remove the lid from the coffee bean hopper.
3 Tap the Espresso icon and then press the start/stop user manual button.
user manual
4 When the grinder starts grinding, press down the grind setting knob and turn it to the left or right.

Adjusting other machine settings

By tapping the Settings user manual icon you can adjust the following machine settings:
- Water hardness: you can choose between 5 levels according to the water hardness in your region.
- Standby time: you can select 15, 30, 60 or 180 minutes.
- Display brightness: you can select low, medium and high.
- Language: you can select the display language of your preference.
- Sound: you can activate or deactivate the beeping sound of the machine.
- Front illumination: you can choose 'always on', 'on during brewing' or 'always off'.
- Measuring unit: you can choose between ml. or oz.

Restoring factory settings

The machine offers you the possibility to restore the factory settings at any moment.
1 Tap the Settings user manual icon.
2 Use the up and down arrows to select 'Factory settings'. Confirm by tapping the OK icon.
3 Press the start/stop user manual button to confirm that you want to restore the settings.
- The settings are now restored.
user manual The following factory settings are restored to default: water hardness, standby time, display brightness, sound*,* front illumination, profiles.

Machine overview