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Granaroma User Manual
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GranaromaUser Manual

Personalizing drinks

The machine allows you to adjust the settings of a drink to your own preference and to store the adjusted drink in a personal profile. The different profiles have different colors.

Brewing drinks with CoffeeMaestro function

Your machine offers the possibility to select taste profiles instead of adjusting all settings separately with the CoffeeEqualizer function. You can choose between Delicato, Intenso and Forte. To select a CoffeeMaestro taste profile:
user manual
user manual
1 Tap the drink icon of your choice or tap the 'More Drinks' icon to select a different drink.
user manual
2 Tap the CoffeeMaestro icon repeatedly.
3 Press OK to confirm your choice.
The main settings of the drink are now adjusted accordingly.
4 Press the start/stop user manual button to start brewing the drink.

CoffeeEqualizer function

After selecting a drink, the CoffeeEqualizer function is activated automatically. You can use the up and down arrows to adjust the following settings:
user manual
1 Aroma strength
2 Coffee quantity
3 Milk quantity
4 Water quantity
5 Drink temperature
6 Foam amount
7 You can also decide to prepare 1 or 2 cups
8 Coffee quantity for travel mug (specific types only)
Note: It depends on the drink you choose which settings you can adjust.

Selecting a profile

You can select a profile and store a recipe using the profiles user manual icon.
user manual
1 Tap the profiles user manual icon repeatedly to select one of the colored profiles. All profiles have a different color.
2 Select a drink by tapping one of the one-touch drink icons or by tapping the 'More Drinks' icon.
3 Adjust the drink settings to your favorite taste.
4 Press start/stop user manual button to brew the drink you selected
- Your new settings have now been stored in the colored profile you selected.
user manual You can always restore the factory settings of the machine.

Guest profile

Your machine is equipped with a guest profile. When the guest profile is selected, the profile icon is off. When you select this profile, you can still personalize the settings to your own preference but the recipes you brew will not be stored.

Extra shot (ExtraShot)

Your machine offers you the possibility to add an extra shot of Ristretto to your coffee and milk drinks, for example if you want to have a stronger coffee.
1 Place a cup under the spout.
user manual
user manual
2 Tap one of the one-touch drinks icons to select a drink or tap the 'More Drinks' icon to select a different drink.
user manual
3 Use the up arrow to set the strength to the top level and select the ExtraShot function.
4 Tap the OK icon if you want to personalize the other settings. Then press the start/stop user manual button to start brewing the drink.
5 To stop dispensing the drink before the machine has finished, press the start/stop user manual button again.
user manual When you have selected the ExtraShot function, you can only brew one coffee at the time.

Machine overview