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What features does my connected Saeco Espresso Machine support?

The Saeco Espresso Machines with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity are enabled to connect directly to the Internet without the need for an app on your mobile device. This connectivity feature opens up a world of new functionalities. Regular automatic software updates ensure constant enhancement of the machine's performance as well as security improvements, enabling new features and providing continuous content updates. Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity is there to enrich your experience and help you get the very best out of your machine.

Below you can find the most important features that have been released, arranged by SW version/date.

By connecting your machine to your Wi-Fi network and creating a "My Saeco" account, you can experience the full functionality of the machine.

The below services are subject to change and over time new countries or functionalities can be unlocked, so you should always keep your machine software up to date. Updating is essential to safeguard your privacy and ensure the proper functioning of your machine.

Tip to allow your machine to receive updates automatically:
make sure that the machine stays plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi, that the privacy policy and "My Saeco" account are enabled, and that the "Receive Automatic update" function is selected.

Software release V01.09.10/04-06-2024:

What's new: 

  • Consumer coffee ritual is monitored and the UI will display a notification to use the drink which is often used at a specific moment of the day (morning/afternoon/evening and night)
  • The Hygiesteam notification has been improved to enable you to clean your milk system directly after a milk drink.
  • Redesigned BeanGuide and BeanMaestro, BeanMaestro is now also available on GranAroma Deluxe
  • Revised UI/UX design and management of cards asset
  • Support guide added extra support functions.
  • Added new country Israel*
Hebrew language, Amazon linking and replenishment services, and Shop functionality are not supported.
  • Further performance improvements have been introduced. 
    Software release V01.08.04/04-12-2023:

    What's new:

    • New look and feel for notifications for Special Recipes, and new recipes are presented in a drinks list.
    • Privacy Notice and Terms of Use – you can always find the latest version.
    • The "My XELSIS & My GranAroma card" has been updated and more information is displayed on the card.
    • The "Support card" has been updated and now provides two inner cards, "Find support" and "Data Sharing".
    Bug fixes:
    • Further performance improvements have been introduced.
    Software release: 01.07.11/21-07-2023:

    What's new:  

    • Wake-Up timer has been added. Start brewing your coffee as soon as you walk into the kitchen thanks to the Wake-Up timer. Once you've set an alarm, your machine will automatically turn on at a specific time. 

    • Amazon Alexa feature has been extended with voice command capabilities. Using them, you can now turn your machine on and off and brew standard recipes. Please note the regional availability of this feature: see Footnote3. 

    • Iced Coffee has been added to the standard drinks view. 

    • Turkish language and country have been added. 


    Bug fixes:  

    • Further performance improvements have been introduced.  


    added new language: 


    Software release V01.05.10/date: 23-01-2023Several software improvements implemented:
    - Bean maestro card added in Saeco GranAroma Deluxe.

    New feature:
    - Bean Guide, this new feature helps you to find the coffee beans that suit your taste. 

    added new language:
    - Slovenia

    - added recipes/date: 14-12-2022
    New special winter recipes have been added (only accessible with a "MySaeco" account)
    (Irish coffee, Mochachino, Salted Caramel Latte & Café Exotica)
    Software release V01.03.13/date: 19/10/2022Improvements:
    - Several software improvements implemented.
    Software release V01.03.11/date: 19-04-2022- added feedback card
    We invite consumers to share their feedback on the user interface/machine on 

    - Improved UX
    For reoccurring onscreen instructions, we offer the option to save as default and therewith skip some repetitive steps e.g. in the HygieSteam function.
    Footnote1:Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Ukraine.Footnote2:Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Ukraine. Footnote3:France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

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