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Create your personal brew, effortlessly


Create your personal brew, effortlessly

  • CoffeeMaestro with 3 pre-set profiles tastes
  • Up to 16 delicious beverages
  • Up to 6 individual user profiles
  • Full colour interactive menu
  • HygieSteam automatically removes up to 99.9% of microorganisms on milk carafe parts*


Effortlessly personalize up to 16 delicious beverages with 3 taste profiles via CoffeeMaestro - Delicato, Intenso or Forte

Adjust your preferred level of foam, alter the strength of your coffee, change its temperature - make every drink completely yours with intuitive customization technology.

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    Authentically Italian

    A passion for exquisite coffee and a tradition of design combined in a machine for mastery of the perfect, personal serve.
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    Advanced technology

    Forty years of coffee machine pioneering to bring exclusive new features that deliver exceptional coffee every time.
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    A commitment to perfection

    Preparing a perfect coffee takes care, effort and most of all, respect for coffee itself.
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    Stylish sophistication

    16 delicious beverages personalized to your precise specifications
GranAroma detail
GranAroma detail
GranAroma detail

Italian Heritage

Crafted without compromise, combining Italian love of coffee and passion for design with an infusion of innovation.

Seaco coffee machine

GranAroma Features

The perfect balance of personalized coffees and seamless preparation, for a supreme experience beginning to end.
100% Ceramic Grinders 
The best flavors and aromas are extracted from your beans with our most durable grinder. Made with 100% ceramic to be exceptionally hard and precise, and last for at least 20,000 cups of delicious, freshly ground coffee. Easily adjust the grinder to your taste with 12-step levels.
Prepare and enjoy single or double servings of your favorite coffee recipe with just one touch, including Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato. 
Effortlessly personalize your perfect cup with CoffeeMaestro. Simply select your desired taste profile from 3 pre-sets - Delicato, Intenso, Forte. The machine automatically adjusts the brewing settings like strength, coffee volume and pre-wetting time, to serve you just the right taste.
AquaClean Water Filter
AquaClean is our patented water filter, designed to improve the quality of your coffee with purified water and prevent scale build-up within the machine. Make up to 5000* cups without descaling by replacing the filter regularly.
HygieSteam technology maintains your machine effortlessly, with an innovative cleaning system that automatically removes 99.9% of microorganisms**. 
AromaSeal bean container
The transparent AromaSeal bean container at the top of the machine puts your finest coffee beans on show. The container stores up to 450g of fresh coffee beans with a special seal to ensure long-lasting freshness. 


I can’t decide between the various machines - what is the difference between them?

All our machines deliver a variety of delicious coffee drinks, customized to your individual tastes. For detailed specifications of all of our models, please look at our comparison tool.

Where can I buy a Saeco coffee machine?

Our machines are available online from Phillips and from selected retail partners

Does it matter which beans I put in my Saeco machine?

As coffee lovers we know that great coffee starts with great beans. But whatever beans you use, our ceramic burrs will ensure that they are ground to the consistent, precise grains needed for an excellent drink. And BeanMaestro technology (*available on Xelsis only) will even automatically adjust brewing settings to bring out the best in your choice of beans.

Are Saeco machines easy to clean?

Saeco machines are designed to make things as simple as possible to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee. Aquaclean filters reduce the build up of scale that can damage your machine and HygieSteam technology cleans milk deposits from the steamer. To keep your machine brewing great coffee cup after cup, only use Saeco approved cleaning products and follow the regular cleaning scheduled outlined in your user manual.

What happens if I have a problem with my coffee machine?

Our machines are built from the finest materials in our Italian workshops, but we know that sometimes problems do occur. For troubleshooting particular issues please visit our support pages and feel free to contact us here. Of course, our machines are all guaranteed for two years - please visit your Saeco retailer for information about service and warranty.

Saeco Accessory

Accessories & Care

Accessories & Care

Saeco machines are carefully assembled in our Italian workshop using only the finest components and are designed to automatically clean and maintain themselves. Learn about caring for your new machine and the range of available authorised accessories here.

Designing Seaco coffeemachine
Choose the perfect GranAroma for youCHOOSE YOUR MODEL
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GranAroma SM6480/00

  • 4 user profiles, 14 drinks Glossy black/Black screen frame
  • Glossy Black
saeco coffee

GranAroma SM6580/00

  • 4 user profiles, 14 drinks Glossy black/Chromed screen frame
  • Glossy Black
saeco coffee

GranAroma SM6580/10

  • 4 user profiles, 14 drinks Cashmere Grey/Chromed screen frame
  • Cashmere Grey
saeco coffee

GranAroma SM6580/20

  • 4 user profiles, 14 drinks Silk White/Chromed screen frame
  • Silk White
saeco coffee

GranAroma SM6580/50

  • 4 user profiles, 14 drinks Grey/Chromed screen frame
  • Grey Front
saeco coffee

GranAroma SM6582/10

  • 6 user profiles, 16 drinks Panthera Grey/Chromed screen frame
  • Panthera Grey Satin Front
saeco coffee

GranAroma SM6582/30

  • 6 user profiles, 16 drinks Oyster metallic/Chromed screen frame
  • Oyster Metallic Satin Front
saeco coffee

GranAroma SM6585/00

  • 6 user profiles, 16 drinks Brushed natural Stainless steel front/Chromed screen frame
  • Brushed Natural SS Front