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The coffee pucks of my Saeco Espresso Machine are watery

The consistency of your Saeco Espresso Machine's coffee pucks is related to the settings of the machine and the type of beverages brewed . Read below to find solutions.

During first time use

It is normal for the first cups brewed to be watery as the Saeco adapting system is still adjusting. Brew 5-7 more cups of coffee and then the appearance of the puck should improve.

During regular use and brewing a specific beverage type

•    After brewing a "low-pressure product" like: Americano, Café Crema or Coffee. The consistency of the coffee pucks will always be wet and more water is visible in the coffee grounds container
•    After the automatic rinse/cleaning cycle, some water ends up in the coffee ground container, which causes wet coffee pucks

After changing machine settings

Try different settings to create your preferred coffee taste. When you change the settings on your machine, this will influence the taste of your coffee and the consistency of the coffee puck. For example, change the grinder settings (finer) or the coffee volume (less) a little and try again.
•    A coarse grind setting leads to less strong coffee and a more watery coffee puck
•    A higher coffee volume leads to less strong coffee and a more watery coffee puck
•    A lighter aroma setting leads to a a more watery coffee puck
Please note: After changing the grinder setting brew 5 - 7 cups of coffee to give the system time to adapt to the new setting.

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