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My Saeco Espresso Machine does not froth the milk well

If the frothing quality of the milk from your Saeco Espresso Machine is less than expected, try the following tips to solve this issue yourself.The milk temperature is not cold enoughThe milk temperature can affect the frothing quality. We advise that you always use cold, refrigerated milk to produce the best milk foam.Enough amount of milkTo prevent air from being drawn and to ensure a perfect frothing result, it is important that you use enough milk. Try increasing the amount of milk to improve the milk foam.Recommended type of milkDifferent types of milk produce different amounts and qualities of foam. We recommend that you use one of the following types of milk:
•    Semi-skimmed cow's milk
•    Full-fat cow's milk
•    Lactose-free milk
The milk system is dirtyAlways make sure that all parts are clean when using the milk system (please follow the indications in the user manual or our FAQs to clean them). 

Always pay special attention when cleaning the milk circuit system in your coffee machine. Try to prevent milk from drying up in it, as dried-up milk is difficult to remove.

For a thorough clean, you can use the Philips Milk Circuit Cleaner CA6705

If you have tried all these tips but your Saeco Coffee Machine still does not froth the milk as expected, please contact us for further assistance.

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