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Granaroma Deluxe User Manual
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Granaroma DeluxeUser Manual

Descaling procedure

Please use Philips descaler only. Under no circumstances should you use a descaler based on sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfamic or acetic acid (vinegar) as this may damage the water circuit in your machine and will not dissolve the limescale properly. Not using the Philips descaler will void your warranty. Failure to descale the appliance will also void your warranty. You can buy Philips descaler from your local or online retailer or from authorized service centers.
1 When the machine asks you to descale it, tap the confirmation user manual icon to start. To start descaling without being prompted by the machine, tap the 'Status' icon and select 'Descale'.
user manual
2 Remove the drip tray, the coffee grounds container and the HygieSteam container, empty them and put them back into place.
3 Remove the water tank and empty it. Then remove the AquaClean filter.
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4 Pour the whole bottle of Philips descaler into the water tank and then fill it with water up to the CALC CLEAN level. Then place the water tank back into the machine.
5 Place a large container (1.5 l) under the coffee dispensing spout.
user manual
user manual
6 Make sure that the HygieSteam container is correctly assembled and attached to the machine. Place the milk tube in the milk tube holder.
7 Follow the instructions on the screen to start the descaling procedure. The descaling procedure lasts approx. 30 minutes and consists of a descaling cycle and a rinsing cycle.
8 Once the descaling cycle is finished, you need to rinse the water tank and water circuit. Follow the instructions on the screen.
9 Place a new AquaClean filter in the water tank and activate it.
Tip: Using the AquaClean filter reduces the need for descaling!

What to do if the descaling procedure is interrupted

You can exit the descaling procedure by pressing the on/off icon on the control panel. If the descaling procedure is interrupted before it is completely finished, some descaling liquid may remain in the water tank or the water circuit. In that case, do the following:
1 Empty and rinse the water tank thoroughly.
2 Fill the water tank with fresh water up to the CALC CLEAN level indication and switch the machine back on. The machine will heat up and perform an automatic rinsing cycle.
3 Before brewing any drinks, perform a manual rinsing cycle. To perform a manual rinsing cycle, first dispense half a water tank of hot water and then brew 2 cups of pre-ground coffee without adding ground coffee.
Note: If the descaling procedure was not completed, the machine will require another descaling procedure as soon as possible.

Machine overview